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Math Links

Applied Calculus - Awesome site! Great tutorials!
Winplot - A great graphing utility
Winplot Tutorial
- I whipped up a tutorial on Winplot
Maths Online - A gallery of multimedia learning material
Calculus on the Web
- Precalc and Calculus problems
Calculus Problems - With step-by-step solutions
Visual Calculus - A visual approach
Manipula Math with Java - Java applets for HS math
The Calculus Phobe - Limits, continuity, derivatives
S.O.S. Mathematics
- Algebra to differential eguations
Ask Dr. Math - From elementary to graduate level
Karl's Calculus Tutor - Calculus tutorials
OJK's Precalculus Page - Algebra and Precalculus
Calculus Resources - Lots of links to great resources
Purple Math - Beginning algebra through precalculus
Coolmath.com - Links to ALL of the cool math sites
College Board - The SAT, AP exams and college
NonEuclid - Sketchpad for Hyperbolic Geometry

Math Cam


Graphics and Animation Courses

Introduction to 3d Graphics
Come here if you are new to 3d computer graphics and animation. Here you will find my course outline, lessons and resource files for the class I taught while at the Taipei American School in 2001-'04

Lighting & Materials

Character Studio

Advanced 3d Graphics
I have roughed out the major topics I want to cover in an advanced 3d animation course. Most of these topics were taught in my advanced class while at Cairo American College from 1995-2001.


Modeling & Rigging

Intro to Flash Animation
This course is in progress and I'm building it as I go along. It is an introduction to Flash animation. There will be an emphasis on Flash cartooning and game design.


Character Animation
Student Gallery

Work of one of my former students, Pontus. He is now studying game design in Sweden.

An example from my introductory class where students experimented with organic modeling.

My students in Taiwan created tea sets while experimenting with various materials. See the gallery for more.

An early assignment working with Brazil r/s and learning the fundamentals of radiosity.
A recent article form the New York Times talks about the growing popularity in creating your own game levels and mods.
An interesting article that gives some insight into the technical genius that brings fluid simulations to life.
A look into how gaming companies are looking to film, Web design, broadcasting and elsewhere to round out their development teams.

A new algorithm uses thousnads of tourist photos to automatically construct a 3-d model of Rome.
My Work
I'm working on a short animation for ASD's upcoming first Annual Video Competition
I can't stop playing with Legos. I'm planning on modeling minifigs representing all the religious groups.
M\y first attempt at character modeling. I followed the awesome tutorial written by Michel Roger. It can be found here on the 3dstotal web site.

I have used 3ds max for a long time but wanted to give Maya a try. This was my first effort using the famous "WRX Tutorial"


From our second trip to Liwa Oasis, beautiful scenery but some tough riding

In Oman near the Saudi border. 500 km off road through the Empty Quarter.

From our first trip into Oman through the mountains.

My favorite place in Egypt, the "Descent of no Return" into the ruins at Umm Dabadib