Flash Animation

Week 1

It's a short week but we're going to jump right in. We'll begin with course overview and then dive right into our first modeling and animation. more

Week 2

We are going to jump in and start using the drawing and paint commands to create a cartoon character which can be animated. more

Week 3

Its going to be all about moving objects around on the screen. Frame-by-frame, object tweening and motion tweening animation for the week. more

Week 4

Symbols, animated symbols, instances and creating a library of reusable "parts". After that we'll add some sound and do some facial animation. more


Week 5

This week, we'll apply what we learned about symbols and nest symbols working on a short, animated dialogue between you and a classmate. more

Week 6

We'll spend one more day on lip synching and then on to forward kinematics. We are going to learn how to set up and animate a character, maybe even do a walk cycle. more

Week 7

The moment we have been waiting for! It is time to apply all that we have learned on our first major project...a modern day version of your favorite fairy tale. more

Week 8

We'll be storyboarding this week. A well thought out story is better than relying on strong CG. Sure, Final Fantasy had better graphics but Shrek kicked butt! more

Week 9

Storyboards are complete and we are off and running. You are on you own for the next 8 weeks. I'll be showing you a "Trick of the Day" to help you on your way. more