Flash Animation

Week 2



  1. Become acquainted with the use of basic drawing and editing tools
  2. Use paint and editing tools to draw a cartoon character
  3. Use layers to create a cartoon character which can be animated
  4. Introduce frame-by-frame animation
Key Points:
  1. Load an image into a layer for tracing
    1. Import to stage, convert to a symbol
    2. Changing Alpha value for tracing
    3. Create a new layer for drawing to prevent moving background image
  2. Why did Yogi Bear wear a tie?
    1. How to create a character which can be animated
    2. Cartman model and using layers
    3. Creating layers and determining layering of body parts
      1. Naming layers
      2. Moving, deleting and hiding layers
  3. Frame by frame animation
    1. Document properties - size, background color, frame rate
    2. Keyframes - what are they?
    3. Animating frame by frame
      1. letter, F6, letter, F6
      2. playing
    4. Onion Skinning (use onion.fla file)
      1. F6, move, turn on onionskin, F6, move, etc..
      2. Use freeform tool to rotate
      3. Modify onion markers
    5. Inserting and deleting frames
      1. Using text: "s", F6, "t", F6, etc
      2. Pick first frame, F5 to insert after the frame
    6. Open circle, closed circle, gray frame and box mean
    7. Copying and reversing frames
  4. Assignment
    1. 5 objects on different layers
    2. Text
    3. Reversing frames