Introduction to 3d Computer Graphics and Animation

Week 10



  1. Link a Mesh to a Biped
  2. Animating a biped using layers
  3. Setting up multiple camera views
Key Points:
  1. Linking the mesh to the Biped
    1. Preparing the Mesh
      1. Delete cameras, lights, etc
      2. Group body parts and accessories
    2. Preparing the Biped
      1. Size and positioning of the pelvis
      2. Matching the biped to the anatomy of the mesh
      3. Centering the biped over the mesh
      4. Work in the front and side views!
    3. Scaling the Biped
      1. Using Symmetrical and non-uniform scaling
      2. Aligning the joints
    4. Link the mesh to the biped
    5. Test walk - any body parts left behind?
  2. Using layers to keyframe a biped
  3. Animating Cameras - stress importance of when turn on and off autokey
    1. Field of view
    2. Camera Moves
      1. Dolly
      2. Pan
      3. Roll
      4. Orbit - Not problem when animating, shortest path between keys
    3. Choosing the right camera
      1. Target - follow, path constraint
        1. Animate target - use cartwhlpunch.bip
        2. Link target using above path
        3. Animate target and camera - use flyspinkick.bip
        4. Use above but add zoom - start zooming mid animation
      2. Free - on the head, path deform modifier
    4. Camera and paths