Introduction to 3d Computer Graphics and Animation

Week 13



  1. Introduction to digital audio and video editing using Adobe Premiere
  2. Rendering "Bullet Time" sequences using video post
Key Points:
  1. Introduction to digital audio and video editing
    1. Importing the audio and video clips
      1. File types
      2. File location and naming
    2. The time line - Setup and adding video clips w/o transitions
      1. 2-Track time line
      2. Configuring audio and video track appearance
      3. Adding the audio tracks
    3. Time-line tools
      1. Changing the frame view
      2. Moving clips
      3. Editing clips
    4. Using the Preview window
    5. Transitions
      1. Fade in/out
        1. Color matte
        2. Transition window - Dissolve setup
        3. Preview window and the "alt" key
      2. Cross fades
    6. Audio
      1. Adding the audio track and viewing the wave output
      2. Editing the length of an audio track
      3. Adjusting the volume
    7. Exporting the time line
  2. Using Video Post to rendering "Bullet Time" scenes
    1. Rendering the sequence of to a folder using MaxTrix
    2. Import the sequence of files into Video Post
    3. Output to an AVI file