Introduction to 3d Computer Graphics and Animation

Week 17



  1. Importing Models
  2. Setting up different types of "Flight Cameras"
  3. Dressing up scene
Key Points:
  1. Importing Models
    1. File size and types
    2. Preparing the model
      1. Working in a seperate file
      2. Deleting objects
      3. Grouping and Scaling
  2. Flight Cameras - Refer to my Terrain Max file for an example of each
    1. Path Cameras
    2. Fixed Cameras
    3. Tracking Cameras
    4. In/Out Camera
  3. A few suggestions
    1. Make a preview to check overall speed and smoothness
    2. Keep the objects BIG in the scene
    3. Watch the length of your scenes
  4. A few tricks
    1. Add water by creating a plane
    2. Create a squadron by shift+move the path and object to make copies
    3. Add a planet or moon to your scene
    4. Add an explosion
    5. Look for some good sound effects
    6. Use colored lights
    7. Blur the objects