Introduction to 3d Computer Graphics and Animation

Week 2



  • Create and edit splines to be used for extruded, lathed and lofted objects
  • Work with shapes and text as editable splines
  • Develop a 3d logo from a sketch
Key Points:
  1. A few other interface commands
    1. Align
    2. Scaling-uniforn and non-uniforn
    3. Shift-move & shift-scale
    4. Mirror copy
    5. Renaming objects
  2. Splines
    1. Creating
      1. Start new shape on or off
      2. Setting the creation method
      3. Closing the spline
    2. Editing
      1. Vertex level
        1. Move, add, delete
        2. Changing the vertex type - smooth, corner bezier
        3. welding
      2. Segment level
      3. Spline level
        1. Outline
        2. step vs. adaptive
    3. Working with multiple splines - 3 ways to create, why use multiple splines?
      1. Create a spline, create another spline, edit one at the spline level and then use attach or attach multiple
      2. Create a spline , while in editing at the spline level select create a new one
      3. Remove the check mark form the new line box, all shapes will be attached until the box is rechecked
    4. More spline editing
      1. Create two or more splines then attach and trim, extend and mirror
      2. Booleans
  3. Working with other shapes
    1. Treat and edit as a shape
    2. Converting to editable splines and editing as a spline
  4. Text
    1. Size, kerning, leading
    2. Using bevel
      1. Keep lines from crossing
      2. Number of segments with straight or rounded corners
      3. Memory issues
      4. Bevel values