Introduction to 3d Computer Graphics and Animation

Week 5



  1. Understand the basics of CG lighting and apply them to the modeled logo
  2. Bitmap and proceduarl textures
  3. Using materials and the material editor
Key Points:
  1. CG lighting and Materials - Can't talk about one without the other
    1. How light works in the real world vs CG world
    2. Light affects the way materials look
  2. Lighting needs for our project - Omni and Spot
    1. Intensity, color, attenuation
    2. Shadow parameters
    3. Number and placement of lights
  3. Material needs for our project
    1. Procedural vs. Bitmap
    2. The material Editor from top to bottom
      1. Shader Basic parameters
        1. Hot and cold materials
        2. assigning a material
        3. 2-sided materials
        4. Types of shaders
      2. Shader specific basic parameters
        1. Ambient, diffuse, specular color
        2. Specular highlights
      3. The 3ds max material library - Some suitable beginnings,Metal Dark Gold
      4. Modifying
        1. Navigating the between the parent and child
        2. Copying and renaming materials
        3. Changing color
        4. Reflection maps - lakerem.jpg