Introduction to 3d Computer Graphics and Animation

Week 9



  1. Introduction to Character Studio using Bipeds
  2. Animate Bipeds using keyframes and motion capture files
  3. Create and edit motion flow scripts for one or more Bipeds
Key Points:
  1. Introduction to Character Studio - The work flow
  2. The Biped
    1. Creating the Biped and a selection set
    2. The Modes
    3. Moving and editing the Biped in Figure Mode
    4. Creating and editing footsteps in Footstep Mode
  3. Keyframe a Biped
    1. Walking Biped
      1. Key Mode toggle
      2. Setting keys
    2. Stationary Biped
      1. Setting initial and subsequent keys from the command panel
      2. Editing the keys
  4. Loading motion capture files
  5. Using Motion Flow
    1. Creating and loading clips in the Motion Flow Graph
    2. Define a script
  6. Editing an existing script
  7. Transition editing
    1. Transition Dialog Box
    2. Source and destination clips
    3. Changing frame start times
    4. Optimizing transitions
    5. Editing the clip's time
  8. Working with multiple Bipeds
    1. Copying the Biped
    2. Saving and Copying the motion flow file
    3. Creating selection sets
    4. Editing the position and time of copied bipeds